About us

Lord Krishna Handicrafts

Lord Krishna Handicrafts envisions to exhibits the Indian Heritage on the International platform thereby uplifting the Indian Artisans works from their native places in the whole world.

Lord Krishna HandiCrafts (www.lordkrishna-handicrafts.com) that renders international shipping facility so that anyone can easily purchase their desired products. It vows to provide the original art piece thereby encouraging the work of artisans.

Lord Krishna Handicrafts focuses on the handmade artwork. All the showcased products are produced manually by the talented Indian artisans. It brings you the several varieties of hand-made paintings, sculptures, Brass Statue and Wooden Handicrafts.

In ancient times, India had been very well-known for its hand-made textiles, paintings, sculptures, and many more art and crafts items. And even after so many technological reforms, people from all over the world are still very fond of handicrafts items produced in India. India has a tremendous diversity and variety of rich craft tradition. Therefore Lord Krishna Handicrafts is an online store which promotes the Heritage of India with the artwork of Indian artisans. 

Our speciality


The specialty of Lord Krishna Handicrafts is pichwai paintings. The images of Lord Krishna as Shrinathji are the decorative cloth hangings known as Pichhwai, painted on cotton with lush foliage and lively figures, the Pichhwais may also be made of brocade or heavy silk.  Embroidery,  hand painted (Kalamkari), dying or tinsel-printing can be seen in these paintings. Pichhwais add a visual dimension to already elaborate sewa or service to Lord Shrinathji.  Pichwai is intricate paintings which portray Lord Krishna. They exist in the holy town of Nathdwara in the Rajasthan state of India. Krishna is shown in different moods, body postures, and attire. More commonly found on a cloth (brocade or heavy silk) or paper. It is a very ancient form passed on from generation to generation. It has a very devotional theme towards Lord Krishna.

The purpose of Pichwais other than its artistic appeal is to narrate tales of Krishna to the illiterate. They have become the main export of Nathdwara and are in much demand among foreign visitors in the area.

In short Lord Krishna Handicrafts aims to stimulate the handicrafts export and make Indian handicrafts accessible in all parts of the world. At Lord Krishna Handicrafts  you may get all the famous artwork from all parts of India such a Camel artwork, beautiful Bhadohi basket work, ethnic Kantha work, Kanch artwork in clothes, Patachitra art, assorted silk stoles, metal craft, cloth and leather puppets and many more which will mesmerize you by their beauty and creativity.